If you are looking for the next promising token to put your money on, COMET should be on top of your list. It is not only one of the promising tokens but also one of the well thought tokens to hit the crypto market.

From the team behind the token to the token sale, COMET is one of the few tokens that have chosen a different approach to ensure investors’ interests are protected. Let’s begin with understanding what this token is all about.

What is COMET?

COMET is a crypto token for a decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol built on Binance Smart Chain. Binance Smart Chain or BSC for short, is self-executing blockchain platform that give users full control of their assets.

COMET operates on Binance Smart Chain, a blockchain project that is expected to launch soon according to the road. The team has already hit the ground running according to their 7-stage roadmap. Here is the road map:

Fig 1. Comet Roadmap

COMET Tokenomics?

COMET economics is one of the key features making this token unique and attractive to investors. First, the token has a total supply of 500,000,000 tokens. The distribution of these token is as follows:

The first 31% of the tokens will be available for the presale stage, which is the next thing as per the roadmap. 16% of the supply will go directly to liquidity and will be locked for 1 year, while the team will have 3% of the token supply. But one thing that exciting about COMET is that 50% of the token supply will be burnt before the presale phase in an exciting announcement on telegram chat.

Investors will be paid dividends for the token they have invested in this project. The dividends will still be earned in Comet tokens. With the initial burning of 50% of the supply, it means that the demand for the token will go high immediately after initialization. Therefore, there it will be good to hold on to your token and enjoy the dividends as we grow together.

How Different Is COMET?

There are many ways COMET is different from most available tokens in the crypto market today. First, the design of smart contract makes the possibility of rugging zero. The ownership of the contract will be renounced right after exchange listing and no authorities, including the developers, can ever change any parameters within the smart conract. This means our way to the moon will be guaranteed with the right marekting.

The Comet protocol pays token holders 2% dividends from each transaction. Dividends are shared proportionally and instantly in Comet tokens to all holders. You don’t have to wait for days or weeks to have to withdraw your dividends. Some protocols have investors waiting for days and weeks.

Comet is giving investors full control of the platform. The community, which is the token holders, will decide for every action. This ensures that their interests are taken care of and are protected from manipulation.

The other way that COMET is different is the form of crowdfunding. Whereas most developers are going for ICOs, the team has opted for the Initial Liquidity Offering.


If you want to invest in COMET, the devs will be issuing crowdfunding, where 31% of the tokens will be available for presale. Unlike most token sales, the team has chosen to do it differently to give investors confidence in the token. Comet is going Initial Liquidity Offering (IEO) way instead of Initial Coin Offering (ICO) which the liquidity will be locked within the Unicrypt platform for 1 year and re-locked after the period for more time. This ensures the trust in the community.

ICOs crowdfunding has been blamed for the loss of millions of investors’ money because of poor scrutiny of whitepapers. Developers would just come up with an idea, write a whitepaper and start an ICO crowdfunding. That’s how many scams came up and stole from unsuspecting investors.

ILO is a different form of fundraising for blockchain projects. In this case, the sale of the tokens is regulated by a reputable exchange or multiple exchanges, where the blockchain project looking for funds is comprehensively vetted, and the white paper scrutinized before issuing an ILO. The exchange will do due diligence before launching the coin to ensure investors’ interests are protected.

COMET ILO is overseen by Unicrypt Network, a multi-service provider for decentralized finance (DeFi) projects. The company has been turning heads in the market because of its vast range of useful applications. It is one of the platforms that have built a reputation for launching reliable coins and COMET being one of them shows how potent the token is.

Going ILO is an indication that the Comet team trusts their product. The issue of the COMET ILO also proves the network viability and provides investors with confidence that the token is not a scam.

Why Invest in COMET token?

There is no doubt that the COMET token is one of the most transparent and high potent tokens in the market today. The token has everything you would want in a token to return high ROI. Token price is managed by smart contract hence no manipulation. The smart contract pays dividends instantly and proportionately among investors.

The team will burn 50% of the COMET token before the market initialization. This means the demand for the token will shoot in the future. So, you can hold on to your tokens as you earn dividends and wait for the price to rise, especially with the burning.

Final Words

COMET token is the latest crypto investment opportunity you can’t miss. It is a perfect token, and being run on the Binance blockchain gives it the authenticity an investor needs. The comet team has a plan to maintain the strength and value of the token. It’s a token worth participating in its ILO and hold to the token because the future looks good.